Half the irritants compared to shampoos for adults

Awawanowa uses plant-based cleanser so causes less irritation for children and people with sensitive skin.
Its gentle formula also helps to remove build-up while retaining the natural oils.
Free of Silicon and Paraben.

Gentle on kids and environment

Awawanowa is free from harsh chemicals.
Its formula is designed to be gentle on the children’s skin as well as on the environment.


The bottle holds 700ml which equals to roughly 350 pumps
 (one push dispenses approximately 0.5 cc. 4 pushes are normally enough for a typical wash).


Are your children using shampoo designed for adult?

Children’s hair typically do not suffer the same damage as adults do.
Parents however worry that warm water alone would not be enough to wash away dirt and buildup from children’s hair and scalp.

Without  alternatives, parents may choose to use shampoo designed for adults’ skin and hair.

Adults’ shampoo however typically contains harsh chemicals, which removes too much natural oil from children’s skin.

We created Awawanowa to reduce damage to your child’s hair and scalp unlike conventional shampoos.
We hope your child would love our product, bringing smiles to their faces in the bathroom.

Kids' Works

Have fun with our original bottle!

Our bottle comes with 2 wrappers for drawing pictures.
 Kids can draw own pictures to make the bottle truely original.


Awawanowa 700ml + original foaming pump bottle set

¥2,700 (2,916)  Free Shipping

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